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Quality or Nothing

Our Mission

Rex was born to redefine what it means to run and operate a hospitality company with a true quality everything approach. Rex exemplifies this unparalleled quality through our company leadership, employees, execution, customer service and communal impact goals. Rex Hospitality aims to go above and beyond any consumer and industry standards. Rex will reinvigorate a dull marketplace which currently lacks in creativity and true-passion. Every Rex concept will challenge the status quo and deliver unwavering quality to its customers, both new and old. We will re-define what it means to serve and host by uniquely treating and impacting every individual and community we belong to.

Current Projects


Maven Coffee + Cocktails at Silverstreet
– First of its kind concept In Houston
Maven Coffee Bar at the Thompson Houston
– Redefining hotel coffee concepts


The Muse Houston blends the best of all worlds.
– High-end craft cocktails with the exclusivity and
ambiance of a speakeasy.
– Unlike anything seen before in Houston

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